Vitamins and Supplements That Should Not Be Taken Together

Many individuals take dietary supplements to assist with well being circumstances or enhance their well-being. Nutritional vitamins, minerals, herbs, and probiotics are all varieties of dietary supplements that will help well being (FDA, 2022). You may even take a mixture of dietary supplements. However there are specific combos that should not be taken. Dietary supplements may work together not solely with one another, but in addition with drugs chances are you’ll be taking. That is why realizing the potential interactions of dietary supplements is vital.

Dietary supplements can have well being advantages, however they might even have well being dangers. For instance, typically the components in sure dietary supplements can alter lab assessments or have unfavourable results throughout surgical procedure (FDA, 2022). The dangers that will include taking dietary supplements will be elevated when you take a couple of complement. Listed here are some complement combos that it’s best to discuss to a healthcare supplier about—and what you what you may must do when you take each.

Magnesium and calcium

Magnesium is a mineral that’s wanted to assist with a whole bunch of your physique’s processes, together with muscle and nerve perform, blood sugar management, and blood stress regulation. It’s present in meals like inexperienced, leafy greens in addition to in legumes, nuts, seeds, and complete grains. Additionally it is obtainable in quite a lot of complement varieties, although taking them won’t be suggested (MedlinePlus, 2021).

Having low ranges of magnesium has been related to coronary heart illness, diabetes, and osteoporosis (brittle bones). Too-low ranges of magnesium is uncommon, however it’s extra seemingly amongst those that (MedlinePlus, 2021):

  • Have alcoholism
  • Have a gastrointestinal illness or surgical procedure that causes your physique to not correctly take in vitamins
  • Have kind 2 diabetes
  • Are older

Calcium is one other mineral vital for bone well being. It may be present in meals like milk, yogurt, and cheese. Within the US, calcium is under-consumed by 30% of males and 60% of ladies (USDA, 2020). A complement could also be referred to as for if there may be inadequate dietary consumption of the mineral. Not getting sufficient calcium can result in diminished bone energy and osteoporosis (NIH, 2022).

Taking each minerals collectively may end up in a decreased absorption of magnesium when you take very excessive doses of calcium (2600mg each day). It is really useful that individuals at excessive threat for magnesium deficiency who take calcium dietary supplements take the calcium at bedtime as an alternative of throughout a meal. That is as a result of taking the calcium complement throughout a meal might negatively have an effect on how a lot dietary magnesium is being taken in (NMD, 2022).

Vitamin C and copper

Vitamin C helps create collagen, a protein that helps your wounds heal. Folks take vitamin C dietary supplements for varied causes, together with to assist battle an infection, cut back ache after surgical procedure, or decrease blood stress (NMD, 2022).

The mineral copper is concerned in power manufacturing and helps create your connective tissue, which supplies construction to the physique. Folks with heart problems might take copper dietary supplements as they’ve been proven to assist change blood lipid ranges, reducing the danger for atherosclerotic heart problems. The complement has additionally been utilized in Alzheimer’s illness since copper deficiency has been seen amongst these with the situation (NIH, 2021).

There may be some proof that taking excessive quantities of vitamin C (over 1,500mg) can cut back copper absorption. The discovering was based mostly on analysis accomplished amongst younger males, and it’s seemingly that it solely impacts folks whose consumption of copper is low (NMD, 2022).

Iron and inexperienced tea

Iron is a mineral that’s a vital a part of purple blood cells that transfers oxygen from the lungs to the tissues. Iron dietary supplements are usually really useful for individuals who have iron-deficiency anemia, most cancers, and sure gastrointestinal problems, in addition to for many who are pregnant (NIH, 2022).

Inexperienced tea has grow to be fashionable to sip on and to take as an extract. It has been touted to assist enhance psychological alertness, alleviate digestive signs and complications, and shield in opposition to most cancers and coronary heart illness (NIH, 2020).

Taking inexperienced tea with iron can cut back the absorption of the mineral. Whereas the impact won’t be important for most individuals, when you take each, you possibly can nonetheless think about taking them at separate occasions (NMD, 2022).

Sure dietary dietary supplements can change absorption, metabolism, or excretion of a drugs. If that occurs, it could actually have an effect on the efficiency of your medicine, which suggests chances are you’ll get both an excessive amount of or too little of the medicine you want (FDA, 2022). Listed here are a number of widespread nutritional vitamins and dietary supplements and which drugs they might work together with.


Ashwagandha is an adaptogen, which is an herb that is utilized in conventional Chinese language drugs and Ayurvedic drugs. Ashwagandha—a small evergreen shrub present in dry areas like India, the Center East, and elements of Africa—is touted to assist the physique battle stress and insomnia (NMD, 2022). However taking ashwagandha may work together with quite a lot of drugs together with:

Medication for folks with diabetes

Taking ashwagandha with antidiabetes medicine meant to decrease blood sugar ranges might enhance the danger of low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) (NMD, 2022). Some herbs have been proven to assist in the administration of diabetes, however taking them on high of medicine that try this can also doubtlessly result in blood sugar that’s too low (Gupta, 2017).

Medication for hypertension

There may be animal analysis that implies that ashwagandha might decrease systolic and diastolic blood stress, placing individuals who take blood pressure-lowering medicine in danger for hypotension, blood stress that’s too low (NMD, 2022).


Human analysis has proven that ashwagandha can stimulate the immune system. As well as, animal analysis has proven that ashwagandha can lower the effectiveness of the immunosuppression brought on by cyclophosphamide, a drug used to deal with most cancers and nephrotic syndrome (NMD, 2022).


Zinc is a mineral that has quite a few roles, together with in immunity, protein creation, wound therapeutic, DNA creation, and sense of style and odor. However zinc can work together with quite a few drugs together with:(NIH, 2022)


Sure antibiotics—particularly quinolone antibiotics (like Cipro) and tetracycline antibiotics (like Achromycin and Sumycin)—work together with zinc within the gastrointestinal tract and do not permit the absorption of each the zinc and the antibiotic. If it is advisable to take each, take the antibiotic a minimum of two hours earlier than or 4 to 6 hours after taking the zinc dietary supplements.


Zinc decreased the absorption and motion of penicillamine, which is used to deal with rheumatoid arthritis. If it is advisable to take each, zinc dietary supplements needs to be taken a minimum of two hours earlier than or after taking penicillamine.


Melatonin is a hormone your mind produces when it is darkish. It helps with the timing of your inner clock (circadian rhythm) and with sleep. Some folks take melatonin dietary supplements to assist with sleep or jet lag (NIH, 2022). Melatonin might work together with a number of drugs, together with:

Blood thinners

Also called anticoagulants, these medicine forestall blood clots from forming (MedlinePlus, 2022). There are some case studies of minor bleeding and decreased manufacturing of the protein prothrombin (certainly one of many components that assist your blood clot) in folks taking melatonin with warfarin (NMD, 2022).


An anticonvulsant is a kind of medication given to people who might expertise seizures. It’s believed that melatonin might cut back the effectiveness of anticonvulsants. There may be additionally some scientific analysis that implies that melatonin can enhance the frequency of seizures, particularly youngsters with neurological impairment (NMD, 2022).


Some analysis means that oral contraceptives can enhance the degrees of melatonin, thereby growing the consequences and attainable adversarial results of melatonin dietary supplements (NMD, 2022).Potential adversarial results of melatonin embrace headache, dizziness, nausea, and sleepiness (NIH, 2022).

St. John’s Wort

This fashionable complement is a plant native to Europe that has yellow, star-shaped flowers. The complement tends to be taken to assist with psychological well being circumstances like melancholy. Nonetheless, St. John’s wort has been related to doubtlessly severe interactions with sure medicine (NMD, 2022).

Taking St. John’s wort with sure antidepressants can result in a rise in serotonin ranges that may be life threatening. Signs can seem inside minutes or hours and may embrace diarrhea, agitation, quick heartbeat, hypertension, and hallucinations (NIH, 2017).

St. John’s wort may weaken antidepressants. Different drugs that St. John’s wort can weaken embrace: (NIH, 2017)

  • Contraception capsules
  • Cyclosporine (a drug used to forestall the physique from rejecting organ transplants)
  • Digoxin (a coronary heart failure medicine)
  • Oxycodone (a ache medicine)
  • Some HIV medicine, like indinavir
  • Some most cancers drugs, like irinotecan
  • Warfarin (a blood thinner)

In case you are taking any kind of complement or complement mixture and expertise any unfavourable unwanted effects, it’s best to cease utilizing the complement and see a healthcare supplier (FDA, 2022). Potential severe reactions can embrace (FDA, 2022):

  • Itchy pores and skin, rash, or hives
  • Swelling of the throat, lips, or tongue
  • Wheezing or shortness of breath
  • Fainting
  • Chest ache or irregular heartbeat
  • Nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea
  • Issue urinating, decreased urination, or darkish urine
  • Blood in urine, stool, vomit, or sputum
  • Irregular bleeding from the nostril or gums
  • Fatigue
  • Lack of urge for food
  • Yellowing of the pores and skin or eyes
  • Extreme joint, muscle, or belly ache

In case you are not sure concerning the mixture of dietary supplements or the mixture of dietary supplements and medicines you’re taking, it’s best to have a healthcare supplier assess the mixture for any potential risks. And in case you are considering of beginning a complement, it’s best to seek the advice of with a healthcare supplier as properly, letting them know what different dietary supplements and drugs you are taking. That is very true for people who find themselves pregnant or breastfeeding, in addition to for kids, as these teams is perhaps extra inclined to potential harms (FDA, 2022).

You also needs to discuss to your supplier concerning the dietary supplements you are taking when you not too long ago had or will quickly be having surgical procedure. Some dietary supplements can have unfavourable interactions with drugs it is advisable to take earlier than, after, or throughout surgical procedure and your routine may have to be modified in the meanwhile (FDA, 2022).

Taking a complement that claims to assist with sure well being circumstances will be as simple as shopping for one thing from on-line or your native well being and wellness retailer. Nonetheless, when you take a couple of or take a complement whereas on a drugs, there is perhaps a threat for unfavourable interactions. Signs of unfavourable interactions can embrace fatigue, yellowing of the pores and skin, and extreme muscle ache. In case you expertise any adversarial response whereas taking a complement, it’s best to see a healthcare supplier. In case you’re fascinated with beginning a brand new complement, it’s best to go to a healthcare supplier to determine what’s finest for you, letting them know of some other dietary supplements or drugs you are taking.


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